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This is our Story to Becoming One of the Best Ice Cream Companies in the UK!

Sweetheart Ice Cream was founded in 1985 by Phiroz and Sabiha Sheikh. Prior to the company’s formation, Phiroz was a refrigeration engineer and, after a long shift, Sabiha would always have some kind of homemade dessert ready for his sweet tooth!

She often combined traditional South Asian desserts with Western influence.  For example, serving traditional mango kulfi in the mango skin itself! This was one of many creations by Sabiha who always liked to add a modern twist to her desserts.

With her creativity and Phiroz’s technical know-how, the pair decided to start their own ice cream company in the form of Sweetheart Ice Cream. They rented a factory and began producing luxury individual desserts for local restaurants and trade.

From the company’s inception, there was always a focus on natural as opposed to artificial. Despite being a start-up business, the Sheikh’s went to great lengths to ensure their ice cream had 0 preservatives and additives and was produced with the freshest ingredients. This meant frequent trips to the local fruit market and working closely with a local farm!

The company grew and grew. More staff were brought in and the Sheikh children even joined the company ranks. A new factory and the acquisition of new machinery were necessities as we aimed to meet the continuously growing demand for both our luxury desserts and ice cream!

From our local beginnings to 25 years down the line, Sweetheart now caters to customers nationwide and internationally. Sourcing the best ingredients from around the world, we have proudly become one of the most recognised ice cream companies in the UK. We have received multiple awards form the Ice Cream National Alliance and our desserts, including our renowned strawberry cheesecake, have also received accolades!

Our ice cream and desserts can be found in numerous restaurants, ice cream parlours and will soon be in stocked in your local supermarkets! The company now offers a huge range of products and services including:

  • Premium Ice Cream
  • Italian Gelato
  • Luxury Desserts
  • Desert Parlour Essentials
  • Ice Cream and Desserts for Weddings & Corporate Events
  • Up To 10 Litre Containers Of Ice Cream For Buffets
  • Personalised Thank You Chocolates
  • Ice Cream Accessories
  • In-house Designed Menus
  • Technical Support & Guidance For All Customers

Whatever your ice cream or dessert requirements are, Sweetheart Ice Cream will have you covered! As one of the country’s top ice cream companies, we relish taking on any enquiry, no matter how wacky it may be. Contact us today to see if we can make your ice cream dreams a reality.

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